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Faroese morphological analysis

Definition file:

This is a morphological analyser for Faroese built from the Faroese dictionary at Currently it can analyse 24,940 forms, with a total of 1,758 lemmata. The current coverage, based on a corpus of the Faroese Wikipedia is around 44% (over 72,204 words), and 65% based on a corpus from Kevin Scannell's Crúbadán (over 1,348,997 words). If you would like to help improve this, please contact ftyers at prompsit dot com. To start with, try copying 'orða' into the box and pressing 'analyse'. You can also view the dictionary file. Invariably as I don't speak Faroese there will be some mistakes. Please email me if you spot them. If a red asterisk (*) appears before a word it means the word is unknown to the dictionary, if you email me the word, and all the forms of the word, I will endeavour to add it as soon as possible. The University of Tromsø also has an analyser for Faroese.

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